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Andrew Turner
Hi, I am Andrew Turner and I solve big problems
through simple innovation.
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It all started from a young age where I saw innovation in everything I did from the simplest of moments like having a bath.


I cut my teeth at the epicentre of innovation within the vehicle supply industry with Talent as an engineer. I then moved into working with large manufacturing companies working as a senior manufacturing engineer which lead to prototype and development within the automotive industry. Always looking to improve and build on current processes, I have changed areas of many businesses through simple innovation.

As Andrew Turner Inventions Ltd, I have worked with some of the largest institutions and businesses in the UK, simplifying processes that have saved millions of pounds and substantial amounts of time.


I have won several awards for many of the concepts. Many inventions have made it into production on a large scale where I have played a vital role in taking the products through to sale

NWL are working with Andrew  on a number of different projects. He is brilliant at understanding the problem, sees what is needed and very quickly turns this into a working prototype.  Andrew is able to create the minimum viable product and uses his extensive network to fill in the gaps and scale up.  Andrew’s curiosity and ability to seek out an area and find alternative options at such speed is amazing.  He really is one of a kind!’’

Dr Angela MaCoscar – Head of Innovation Northumbrian Water

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Pathology Lab Sample Pallet

Developed in collaboration between the NHS, leading pathology experts and private sector innovators, SamplePod is spearheading end to end test logistics and tracking.

northumbrian water

Torpedo - A AI underground mapping tool. Designed and tested with the help of Microsoft. Facilitating Clampy Barnicle on a joint project with Fusion.

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A revolution in the pipeline laying industry.

National Safety Award for innovation presented by John Butterworth - CEO of National Gas"

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National Safety Award Winner

northumbrian water

Hyrdrocells - The smartest water storage since the cloud. Assisting water companies on creating a spill-free environment and preventing customers from experiencing sewer floods.

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illuminated SCP sign

Set to be launched in early 2019 after successful trials in Co. Durham, the new illuminated school crossing patrol sign will reduce traffic incidents by improving stopping times by 60% earlier than a conventional sign.


This innovative design is disruptive innovation which ensures evacuation times in large buildings are significantly reduced.

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beverage trolley

The Beverage Trolley is constructed of hygienic materials and parts that meet NHS infection control standards. All parts are easy to remove and clean, making every day maintenance hassle free.

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Quality hospital solutions

Delivering innovation In partnership with South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS

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ABIDOT is the new clever tool for touchless programming of welding robots. The free end of the wire in the MIG/MAG welding torch is often used today for programming work pieces.

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Rollapole have used innovative ideas to improve archaic design and bring the systems of moving small goods in a much easier, less intrusive manner and at a fraction of the cost.

The industry is ready for a change and Rollapole have developed an innovative concept that can achieve this. Keep posted for future updates because we are changing the way things are done.

Image by Nick Iliasov
Andrew Turner Inventions
Fuelling Innovation and Collaboration at NETPark
Opening of British Science Week to young students
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1st place with the Patient Food and Beverage Trolly
Innovative Service Improvement Delivery | 2010

The Beverage Trolley allows you to offer and prepare a range of hot drinks made to individual requirements. It also has a 10-litre built in boiler which is triple lined to maintain its just boiled temperature longer. The Beverage Trolley is robust, lightweight and easy to manoeuvre with its 360-degree rotating wheels.

Innovative Service Improvement Delivery | 2010
3rd place with the Bed Wings

The Bedwings idea came from witnessing the need to support the upper body of a patient whilst they are in bed in order to prevent them sliding over the side.

Innovative Device | 2013
1st place with the Improved Air Regulator

This idea relates to a device which prevents the inadvertent administration of air instead of oxygen, to a patient.

Innovative Device | 2014
1st place with the Nebuliser Mask Regulator

The nebuliser mask regulator is a device which makes it easy for clinicians to ensure that the patient is receiving the correct oxygen flow.

Innovative Device | 2017
1st place with the Laboratory Sample Pallet

ATI scooped the award for its Laboratory Sample Pallet project, designed to accommodate different sized tubes, to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and reduce on rework. The innovative Lab Sample Pallet allows for live tractability of Laboratory samples within the GP Surgeries and NHS and is set you revolutionise the industry. Watch this space.

British Science Week | 2021
Innovating for the Future

The modern-day Inspector Gadget. Discussing how to consistently turn ideas into products

which solve problems, save money and often save lives. 


Lean Manufacturing



Product Development




Process Improvement


Public Speaking



IP and Patent

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cutting edge concepts.
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Andrew Science is an appointed Netpark Science Park Ambassador
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